Digital Cutters with Swiss Quality

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”  —Albert Einstein

The Evolution of Printing is Here!

e-volved print & packaging combines the highest quality traditional offset, digital and large format equipment with 30 + years of printing and customer service experience. Being a “new-found” printing company, every customer is very important to us. All projects are managed with a focus on the specific details of each piece, along with our own added value.

It’s an exciting time to be in the printing industry, with traditional processes giving ground to new digital opportunities. Combining traditional, digital, large format and a wide array of specialized equipment has been a great way to add additional print & packaging capabilities and promote creative ideas.

Some of the most creative projects now are ones that utilize every advantage and multiple pieces of equipment to produce. New technology and equipment has made it fun and easy to transfer fresh ideas to the actual stock, board, substrates and materials, at a fraction of the time and expense. By making a hard copy or prototype of the project, it helps dial in the specifications, avoid surprises and prior to the actual production, you can have one made to generate interest and help sell your idea.

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4 Color Offset Continous Tone Stochastic

Get Indigo Quality… It Doesn’t Get Any Better

The HP Indigo 7600 sets the standard for the highest quality digital print available today. Our Indigo handles board stocks up to 18 point C-1S. In addition, our offline coating press allows us to sapphire coat paper stocks on-site, making almost any paper Indigo-ready. Great quality from the first page to the last, the Indigo is great for short runs, variable marketing projects, custom packaging, or everyday jobs. Whether you need 10 or 10,000, the Indigo 7600 can handle the job. If you have color critical products or colors, the HP Indigo makes the most sense and does it with more consistent colors (including white).

HP Indigo 7600 Digital Printer

Digital Die Cutting—No Dies Necessary!

Draw attention to your project and make it unique, by incorporating creative cutting! Prototypes, short-run packaging, POP displays, boxes, CD packages—we can die cut projects of all kinds! Our two Zund camera-guided cutting, scoring, perfing, and routing machines are capable of making custom cutting projects faster and better than ever before. Available for corrugated, gator, aluminum, board stock and much more.

Traditional die-cutting, scoring and assembly is also something we do everyday at e-print, for longer run projects using steel rule dies.

Heidelberg Die Cutting

Printing Large and Small with UV Inks

Our Oc’e Arizona 6170 XTS (98″ x 120″ x 2″) can print on a variety of materials with near-photographic image quality and for applications beyond the norm, including custom furniture, glasswork, architectural elements, fine art, or nearly anything that the imagination can conceive. Large POP displays or small counter items can be produced at a fraction of previous costs, to meet your needs. Because of the speed and ability to produce signage faster than other machines, we have great pricing and turn-around for large format projects, with unmatched quality !

Ocie High Quality Large Format Printer

In-house Box & Structure Designers

Wondering if we’re able to do this, that, or the other? Odds are, we can! Whether you need special sizes on a standard package or want something entirely unique to set your product apart, we’d love to find out more and make it happen.

Custom packaging is much more affordable than you think—especially when you consider the added benefits of unique and fully-branded packaging—and a variety of materials are available to choose from.

Go ahead… think outside the box!

Finishing Moll Folding Glueing System


Have a special project?

Have a prototype in mind that you need created, printed, and finished? Or, maybe you need help figuring out what is possible and works best on your project? What about branding the outside packaging of a product or presentation.

Either way, we can help. We’re happy to make your prototype concept a reality, producing a complete physical representation to help you land or enhance your project. We’re also happy to work with you on refining your concept, creating a prototype together and then producing it for you.

Call me to view your assignment or project, and let’s get creative with it!  817-896-8696 or